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@2018 Bristol Bridal Station

Affordable Childcare

TechGYRLS Afterschool Program

Moms-R-Us Teen Pregnancy Program

Our Mission:  YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

Throughout the world, the YWCA has organizations in 122 countries,  serving 25 million women and their families.  Our local organization anchors itself firmly to the world-wide organization through our mission and programming. YWCA NETN and SWVA. stands alone as the only YW in the territory between Lynchburg, VA and Knoxville, TN. Established in 1943, YWCA NETN and SWVA. has a long history of empowering women throughout the region. 

During World War II, the YWCA began as a residence for women who came to the area seeking employment.  Historically, the YW has tackled the toughest community issues:  affordable childcare, racial justice, teen pregnancy, technology education and youth development programs, just to name a few.     


All proceeds from Bristol Bridal Station benefit the programs of the YWCA and is truly “Couture for a Cause.”  Each gown purchased helps support the free and subsidized community programs of the YWCA including a teen pregnancy support program, the area’s only childcare program with fees based on household income. (Typically, quality childcare costs families approximately $7,000 per year and frequently prevents parents from being able to work or continue with their schooling.) Tech GYRLS, an afterschool program for at-risk adolescent girls, is another program that is offered at no free year-round to families in need.